Ahoy humans!

I'm reaper, just another developer who's trying to make it easier for people to understand the quirks of a language you see everywhere today.

I don't plan to make it seem like JS is all good and great but there are things about the language and it's current ecosystem that's actually good and is constantly improving; it's a small percentage when compared to the hate about the language and it's features

I would be lying if going through numerous npm packages wasn't intimidating when looking for something production ready.

Then there's developers and packages that go under the radar for various reasons, this is also something I wish to solve.

I bring to you, rawjs.xyz

It's not just a site, it's a tiny attempt to bring all the good things in one place and keep it democratic while we're at it.

That's a very ambitious statement to make considering how big the JS ecosystem currently is but it's also how the world outside operates that makes it hard for us to clearly state as to what is good and what is bad.

I should set a clear goal so it's easier for both you and me to keep up. You can see these on the About Page as a short definitive list.

Your support

At the end of the day, we are doing this for you guys so it's a social expectation from you to be able to give back. This can be done in the following manners

  • You could share rawjs.xyz with others
  • You could offer to write one of the tutorials / reviews
  • You can sponsor me

You aren't legally bound to do any of the above but it'd be nice if you did. It takes time to do all this and that's the most valuable currency there is.